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Bangka Belitung is one of archipelago form province in western part of Indonesia. This province is consisted with two big islands; Bangka and Belitung, and surrounded by others islets. Bordered by Natuna Sea to the north and the Java Sea to the south, Bangka Belitung has many beautiful white-sanded beaches along the coast.

Ethnically and culturally, Bangka Belitung is populated by two major ethnic groups, Malays, and Tionghoas (Chinese Indonesian). Some ethnics like Javanese, Balinese, etc are also inhabit in the certain part of province. Therefore, Bangka Belitung culture, language, and building are mostly influenced by these two major groups.

Indonesian is the official language of the province, while the local Malay-dialect and Hakka serve as lingua franca. Bangka Belitung also known as the biggest tin production province in Indonesia, and second big tin production in the world.




International Youth Initiative For Bangka Belitung Environmental Sustainability (IYIBES) Program is designed to foreign student to challenge their awareness about environmental sustainability in a small island, Bangka Belitung. Students will be required to join and follow some activities that enrich their knowledge and experience in environmental studies. The program also offers experiences in cross culture understanding through engagement with both the University academic community and local society. This program also give a chance for students to be an ambassador for their own country in Indonesia. The activities will help student to build their international network and improve their English and intercultural communication skills.

Students will be required to join focus group discussion about environmental sustainability on Universitas Bangka Belitung. There will be session for students to sit in on a class during the program together with local students. Students will also are invited to join both cultural and religious celebration. 

Visiting some cultural spot also one of the agendas.Students may be requested to introduce their country in some occasions. It will be helpful if students are already prepared with slides presentation or performance. Some activities that the student will also go through during the program are volunteering in environmental activities and join a short course on environmental studies.





Applicant should:

  • Be an undergraduate foreign student from university beyond Indonesia
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Passionate and concern about environmental sustainability
  • Interested in learning new culture 


Applicant must provide these following document:

  • Application Form: Applicant must provide complete information for all questions. Do not leave a question blank. If it does not apply to you, write “NA” for Not Applicable. Sign and date the application form.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A statement of purpose: Applicant must write a statement of purpose
  • A letter of recommendation: Applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from university or college.
  • a copy of student ID card.
  • International Passport, if available: Provide a copy of your passport data page.


Program fee will cost IDR 5,000,000 (around USD 345) that will cover housing, and local accommodations. Students will stay with local host family. Personal needs, insurance and international airfare are not covered by University of Bangka Belitung. 

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